Featured Product: Organic Magic Balm

As a professional globe trotter I love to find new ways to relax while flying. This product is so universal I have incorporated it into my daily routine! This tiny balm packs a powerful punch and is great for the following: Lips – yes I said it LIPS – moisturizes & tingles leaving them feeling […]

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Divide & Conquer or Love & Surrender

I love studying history on war and how nations were brought down by using specific tactics to get people to that point. We are seeing a repeat of old tactics used to divide people and not only conquer but bring down a great nation built on democracy and freedoms that are being threatened. We are […]

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Get happier by doing this 15 min exercise…

You can boost your happiness for yourself and others by doing this simple 15 minute exercise… 1) Close your eyes and picture yourself. You imagine something good happening to you like falling in love, writing something you’re proud of. You feel the joy that would come from that. Let it flow through you. 2) Then […]

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