The Only Way Out Is Through

Divine masculine energy reading:

Happiness is closer than you realize. A rewarding outcome is ahead but the key to receiving this will be slow and steady progress. Do not make any hasty decisions at this time based off of emotion. You’re hurt at this time but staying strong and stoic and positive in the face of hardship. Allowing fear or frustration to rule you will only weigh you down at this time. Look at how far you have come! Do not give up now even if you need rest take it but keep moving forward. Stay dedicated to your vision .

The fear and need you have experienced in the past is a feeling you have become accustomed to but are learning to break. These two things can destroy harmony and peace within all aspects of our lives, especially relationships with others. If you are lonely and seeking a partner or escape to alleviate that loneliness you are likely to attract the exact relationship you are trying to break free from which will emulate that exact frequency of need and fear. You may be able to build upon this unstable foundation built into dependency however all too often destined to fail. Ask yourself if you want a relationship that is the meeting of two minds and hearts as equals, free from doubt and insecurities that erode and weaken the bonds of love? If so, it would be wise to have that loving relationship with yourself and address the doubts and fears so they are no longer the driving force or motivation for seeking a relationship. Stop looking for wholeness within your relationships instead focus within. No one can make you happy they only can give you fleeting moments of a feeling that can only be sustained by going within and focusing on that security and happiness that lies within all of us with discipline and consistency. You have to learn how to give what you wish to receive from others. Once you are content within you will be content without whether you are with someone or not. As above so below.

Do you have conflict between your perceived reality and beliefs? It’s time for a need of honesty and the courage to let go of self-deception that is being held to hide and protect from a painful reality. If you have low self-esteem, a demeaning inner voice, or an inability to handle criticism it reveals and reinforces a low opinion that is already held. Take off the masks. Sometimes a smile hides guilt, blame, judgment, regrets and a pain that you may be in denial about. This gentle intervention is a reminder to remove the mask and blindfold. Let go of the lie that all is okay and that you are happy and allow yourself to address the thoughts and beliefs that you have been thinking poorly of yourself. See and face the inner demons that have you believing you are not worth or deserving of true love and happiness. Show your true self, wounds and all. Address the source of the negative self beliefs/inner talk and give yourself the opportunity and time to heal. Allow others to help you. Make sure they have your best interests at heart. You are not alone and you are loved. Understand the advice and constructive criticism others offer at this time is not an attack but a welcomed lesson that will help you heal and grow.

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