Control – the ultimate Illusion

A message for the collective:

Go with the flow of life with trust and faith. Relinquish control over all relationships and outcomes and believe that what is meant to be will be.

The only thing you can control is your mind, perception, and intentions. Do that well and you can regain your power and stand firm in your present while creating a future that suits your personal desires.

Once you know you have done everything you can. You can lay back and rest and allow yourself to learn, heal, and grow into the next season seamlessly.

When you feel the need to control others or a situation that is born from fear. You try to maintain the illusion of control. When you do this you not only stunt your own growth but those you love that are closest to you. We can create the pure intentions and can be motivated by love but divine timing is a huge factor and influence. You only have partial influence but the rest is up to faith.

The more you force influence and control the more you risk sabotaging your hopes and desires and inherently manifest the exact opposite outcome of the one you had in mind.

Can you hold onto water? This is exactly how you should hold onto life. Let it flow and allow it to be. Detach emotionally and let go of expectations which will create space for faith.

The universe will match your frequency so raise your vibrations by practicing the abundance mindset. The more your surrender the more you grow.

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