The Only Way Out Is Through

Divine masculine energy reading: Happiness is closer than you realize. A rewarding outcome is ahead but the key to receiving this will be slow and steady progress. Do not make any hasty decisions at this time based off of emotion. You’re hurt at this time but staying strong and stoic and positive in the face […]

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The Choice is Yours…

A message for the collective: Stop letting the past hold you back. It’s ok to feel your way through tough times but there is a limit to your suffering that you must take responsibility for. You have the power to move forward in your life and accept what cannot be undone. You will block your […]

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Self – Less

It is not selfish or conceited to follow your dreams and actively work to manifest your goals and desires. The journey of self discovery is one we all should take with confidence, empowerment, and increasing independence. Using your strengths to create, express, and explore. The journey to self discovery as we all wake up to […]

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