Music connects us all

Visiting a village in the mountains of Coban, Guatemala I sat just 2 meters from a little girl who was very shy.  I noticed her because she didn’t want to participate in the games the group created for the children. She was the only one who stayed behind.  I made it my mission to connect with her so I sat far enough away where she didn’t feel threatened yet close enough I was in her gaze and within ear shot.  I started singing a song I loved when I was a child.  Slowly she slid closer and closer until she was right beside me.  I smiled and kept singing in English because I wasn’t proficient in Q’eqchi, her native tongue.  She started humming and before you knew it got up and started playing with everyone.

Music allows us to connect through all cultures no matter the obstacles we face.  The frequency and vibrations sent out with love and intent are felt through the music.  This is such a powerful way to bring us all closer together so we can learn and grow through love without words.

So keep singing and be mindful of the intent behind the words you listen to and welcome in. It is powerful enough to dull or brighten your soul.


I didn’t get a picture of the little girl from the village but this one above is special and one of those playing that day. I didn’t want to have children until I met her. She came up to me every morning and had to touch my hair.  She looked at me like I was an angel and she warmed up my soul in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Thank God for this little girl and her light.



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