There is no Love in Fear

When something no longer serves you or gives you life release it back to the universe and relearn to love yourself and the divine.  Don’t fear the unknown or focus on it as a loss. Instead learn to grow, evolve, and learn through the lesson.

Everything living has energy but only humans have a consciousness that can emit intentions into the world. These intentions can feed your soul or drain it.  It’s an invisible battle of control whether someone is calculated and aware or subconsciously dominating their intentions or beliefs over yours. A spiritual tug of war.

Ever wonder why some people you walk away from feeling alive and free and just brighter?  Some leave you drained, sad, or even confused. This energy is very real and cannot be seen but can be felt.

It’s your responsibility to maintain your intentions and use them for the greater good but in order to know what they are you have to become self aware.

Be mindful of the people that pretend to be your friend or lies to you to maintain control to execute their own personal agenda, finds something wrong with your beliefs or what you’re doing, and subtly they undermine your confidence in your own path until you begin to identify with them then they have won that control over you and your mind.

When you speak to people do not tell them what they think or feel is wrong.  Only speak for yourself. Their journey is different than yours.

I allowed someone who I trusted teach me about love but when their story changed I realized nothing was real or true.  I would always have to bend to their benefit and at my expense because they control and possess. Love is neither.  Love is free and unconditional. The only thing that can teach them is the divine. God’s timing is perfect and we have to rest in him only. I’m learning how to put boundaries in place for those who vibrate at a different frequency.  There is no right or wrong. No good or bad. Just a shift in paths and surrendering to your own destiny.

I choose to send love to those who hurt me but I don’t have to surround myself with their aura or energy or give anymore of mine to them.  I choose to focus on the good I see or have seen in them and what they are capable of and release.  I choose to distance myself from that darkness. You have that choice too.

As a mother it is my responsibility to surround my child with love and peace and harmony and I fight for that everyday.  I will not allow anyone in my space that changes the light inside of myself because indirectly it affects her and she deserves all the light I am capable of giving her. Children feed off of our energy and if they are raised in a hostile environment they learn to desensitize themselves to their surroundings in order to survive.  They may lash out without understanding why but they will in different ways because humans cannot function in fear. It will eventually eat away at their light and then they will project that onto others unknowingly.

We are a collective consciousness.  Understanding that we are all in this together and the energy we emit is the first step to world peace and harmony.

Kindness, forgiveness, and love will raise the energy levels of the world as a whole and we will be better for it.

Light will always win and triumph over the darkness in the world – John 12:36




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