The Choice is Yours…

A message for the collective: Stop letting the past hold you back. It’s ok to feel your way through tough times but there is a limit to your suffering that you must take responsibility for. You have the power to move forward in your life and accept what cannot be undone. You will block your […]

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It’s so easy to get lost in the world around us. Completely absorbed in the politics of life that we get consumed with the external and forget to focus within. Just a simple spontaneous trip with a friend, change in environment, or time with family can heal so much. We get wrapped up in pain […]

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Let it burn

Feel the heat from a tease Washing over me Playing with danger Fortifying walls with toothpicks   Setting flame to desire Watch it go up in fire The hotter it is the higher Let it burn   Let it burn Uncontrollably Playing with it masterfully Done this before candidly Let it burn   Underestimating love […]

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