It’s so easy to get lost in the world around us. Completely absorbed in the politics of life that we get consumed with the external and forget to focus within.

Just a simple spontaneous trip with a friend, change in environment, or time with family can heal so much. We get wrapped up in pain or circumstances simply forgetting all the good that we are and how to just live and enjoy life in the present moment.

You meet no-one on accident and every soul that crosses your path is a blessing regardless of the outcome. We are all each others teachers not one above the other and if you truly keep yours eyes open you can see the love we all carry and the pain and heaviness in this life. We are all connected and here to connect, help, love, and share with one another. There are no coincidences in life. They are signs and I am a firm believer that we all carry messages meant for others at different times and this grand design is not for us to understand completely but to enjoy and aid when we can our gifts to this experience.

I endured a lot as a child and many battles I shouldn’t have had to fight so I shelter mine more than ever to ensure she doesn’t have to fight like I had to. We all have different paths and purposes and the hardest ones are the greatest testimonies. I didn’t ask to become a warrior. I was welded in the fires of life into this strong willed woman who has become this impenetrable force. In a sense it has made me weak because of my fear of love and vulnerability but I learn everyday through my daughter and her father and friends and lights that have come into and left my life how to become less rock – more water. So much gratitude pours out when I focus on everything that I have now and everything I have become and conquered. Battles I’ve won that only the spiritual realm can appreciate and fully know.

My gift to this world comes through leadership, inspiration, introspection, writing, song, and charity and aligning that with God’s purpose for my life.

I know that every time I share and make myself vulnerable in truth I’m helping at least one person to know they’re not alone and giving them some insight into their own life and sourcing the healing they need to grow and evolve into another light to shine for others.

When you feel the heaviness of life look up to God and look within. It is human to feel pain and in that and through it is when we grow and gain discernment.

We often see success and failure in the same light as we do life and death. To succeed is to live and to fail is to die or worse still, to descend into poverty, mediocrity, and obscurity. We become fixated on being the best, succeeding at all we do and yet still fail to thrive. We may find we aren’t happy or healthy. Sometimes finding when you do accomplish your goals you are rewarded with wealth and prosperity but still unhappy. Are you so fixated on acquiring possessions that you have forgotten that happiness and wellbeing begins within you? Are you truly living?

There is often so much going on around us in our day to day that we disconnect from our body, thoughts, and emotions – to such an extreme that we lie to others and ourselves when we answer “I’m fine” regardless of our true feelings or physical health. This is an act of self-preservation, and hides our vulnerability, our weariness, our dissatisfaction, and our (dis)ease – from others. We may be afraid to be honest, because to do so could reveal our weaknesses in a world where we must always be strong in order to survive and succeed. The sad truth is that we may not only be doing it in order to hide our true state from others, but to hide it from ourselves.

Look at your life and determine whether your path heals you or harms you. Are you living a fulfilling life that you love, or are you simply enduring, and dying a little more each and every day?

You have the power to change direction. Reconnect and listen to what your body, mind, and spirit is telling you – to work with them instead of against. Rip off the layers of illusion, the protective armor, the masks, and look at what lies beneath. That, my love, is where true healing begins.

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  1. It’s important to keep checking in with yourself, and this post has reminded me to do exactly that. Sometimes we need to stop living blindly and doing more purposeful things. Thanks for sharing!

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