What is love?

Love creates hope which under extreme circumstances has scientifically been proven to pull humans through unbearable odds… but what is it?

What is love?

The source of your first contact with love would come from your mother then as you grow you witness what you believe it is supposed to look like through your parents and how they interact with you and each other – or whoever raised you.

So wouldn’t we all have different levels we accept as love and what that looks like, feels like? Is it constant? Consistency? Sacrifice?

God’s love is the only pure source we can truly base what the most infinite boundless love to base our perceptions off of but what of that between human connections?

Some love is considered loyalty, time, or what one is willing to give without expecting anything in return.

How long can love truly last when it’s not reciprocated equally? When it’s not valued or respected?

Love for our families or children is different from that of a significant other. How then do you compare?

Inquisitively I have pondered this question and just as we are multi – dimensional beings so is the actual concept of love and should be respected and treated as such. However true that is why do we insist on making what we want or need it to be in a moment instead of surrendering to the boundless phenomenon of what love is?

The more I know the more I realize the less I actually know and as I grow through this journey of life I am humbled by lessons that I continue to learn from all who I have loved and have loved me. So let’s let love stay free because true infinite love cannot be described – defined – or articulated fully, only felt.

“Love and you shall be loved.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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