Featured Business: CooperGroove Drum Sticks

Voted the BEST drum sticks in 2019!

CooperGroove has by far the coolest drum sticks I have come across and I have played percussion for 20 years. The non slip grip and grooves is what sets them apart from the original.

I work for a major airline and a coworker of mine had a pair of drumsticks sticking out of her travel bag and I had to learn more. They had grooves in the handle which I had never seen before and a non slip red colored dip on the end. I HAD to play them. I instantly fell in love with the look and feel.

Carlo Cooper, my coworkers brother, is the founder and inventor of this unique patent. He’s been a professional drummer for 30 plus years and is very passionate about his design which makes it all the more special.

The light rubber feel dip alongside the grooves in the handle keep your hands from sweating and allow you to play with ease making them perfect for playing any length of time desirable.

I love to help promote and support small businesses that are rooted in passion and heart. This is one I can stand behind and root for and truly believe in their products!

You can purchase a pair on :


You can also follow them on Facebook:


Stay blessed ❤️ DjOneChain

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