The Flame

Red, orange, and white blended perfectly in the flame of love

The more freedom it has the brighter it burns which can be seen far away up above

It’s glow warms you up slowly in the darkness of each night

Illuminates your way endlessly and dances in your sight

Some people try to catch it and are drawn to its light

They like how beautiful it is and how it burns so bright

They try to possess it and manipulate it to control its source

They desire the energy it emits which they lack ofcourse

What they don’t understand is when they catch and tame the flame inside

They kill the oxygen it needed and the life it did provide

Heed these words as caution and protect what is your flame

There will be many who come to conquer it and relentlessly proclaim

Possessive love in any form is constricting to our souls in this life

Once held captive in its presence it kills what once burned bright

True love is kind and free and strengthens whilst maintain

Let go and let love breath, and your life will never be the same

In endless ways it will endure, grow ebb and flow

Unrestricted love you let breath is the best you’ll ever know

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