Tiny Diamonds

You can have a million moments that feel empty yet one moment that fills you up.

A million moments could amount to nothing yet one moment freeze time.

A million moments that amounts to a bag of coal yet one moment to a bag of tiny diamonds.

The one moment that transcends life, makes time stand still, and uplifts your soul above the clouds is the one that makes life worth living.

To find that one moment is rare and some won’t know it when they’re in it until it’s gone but the lucky ones soaked up every second in that moment and will carry it throughout eternity.

Find that moment and savor it like you would a drop of water on a parched tongue in the desert after endless miles of travel on foot.

You won’t get that particular moment again. You’ll chase that feeling for the rest of your life but it’ll never be the same because nothing will ever be able to replicate it and that’s what makes it rare and special.

Cherish today and if you haven’t experienced that special moment, create it.

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