The War Within

There are many battles we fight as humans.

We are influenced by media, politics, religion and create wars against each other.

However, there is one battle which we all face but many do not acknowledge, care to face, or even if tackled may never conquer. The great battle within.

We victimize ourselves against life’s tragedies, circumstances, or just the hand we are given out of our control at times although most self inflicted.

We dehumanize one another when we differ in opinion. Finding fault in others beliefs just because they don’t suit our own agenda/ narrative/identity.

We are all just doing the best we can. Leaning on what we’ve been taught and our own discernment based off of where we stand in life and our own experiences thus far.

The inner battle is the one to master. The greatest fight. Face yourself before you attack or pass judgment onto another.

It’s so easy and (weak) to focus on another’s faults making your beliefs better or above another’s. Superiority is unbecoming of anyone who wears it.

It’s hard and takes (strength) to look at and acknowledge our own faults and weaknesses.

The greatest war and the most important to conquer is the war within. Facing your fears, guilt, shame, pain and turning them into faith, hope, acceptance, and love. Alchemy of the soul.

While it’s true we can’t save everyone – we can save ourselves. The mastery of self; mind, body, and soul.

The one who stands in truth with pure intentions always wins in the end as they stand on strong foundation which endures every storm for all eternity.

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