Do you know how penguins know it is time to migrate?

When they are walking and the ice beneath their feet starts to break.

They are walking along as usual, and they feel the ice begin to crack.

This incident, this minuscule and extraordinary event, affects the life of millions of penguins, which, from that moment forward know the time has come. It is time to depart to even less hospitable places, so that they may proceed with their yearly venture of procreating.

It has been like this for millions of years. The ice cracks, and they depart only to return much later with their young, one more to add to their species. It has been like this for millions of years.

And so it will continue to be so.

Man has intuitive skills. He can feel when it is time for things to happen even before the ice breaks beneath his feet. Even before things happen, human beings are able to feel that the time has arrived.

And it has been like this for millions of years.

Man, however, makes judgments. He chooses to believe that he cannot do things or, even if he can, that intuition is not a good thing.

So he covers things up. And so he becomes blocked.

Man blocks his most magnanimous aptitude, his ability to walk before time and ensure that everything happens as it is meant to happen, simply because this is what he has perceived.

Man has a tendency to block out not only this skill but almost every other skill that he possesses.

“I can’t do it.”

“I don’t deserve it.”

“This is too good for me.”

These are expressions that, repeated a million times, are likely to become true.

Believe in your intuition. It is powerful and life-changing.

You may not believe anything else, but at least believe in your intuition.

It may not change the world, but it will probably change YOUR world.

And that in itself is already more than enough.

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