Divide & Conquer or Love & Surrender

I love studying history on war and how nations were brought down by using specific tactics to get people to that point. We are seeing a repeat of old tactics used to divide people and not only conquer but bring down a great nation built on democracy and freedoms that are being threatened. We are […]

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Love is Music

Music is the universal language that brings us all together. You can be anywhere in the world or just hear a song with a language that varies from yours but if you enjoy the music it doesn’t matter what they’re saying. Over the summer I joined a mission team to a village in the mountains […]

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Featured Artist: Dub Fx

I LOVE so much about this artist I don’t even know where to start. Dub Fx, Benjamin Stanford, is killing the “LIVE LOOPING” game.  What is this you ask? Looping essentially means to dub hence “Dub” Fx. It’s when a musician sits in front of you with a hand full of instruments and they create a […]

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