The Peaceful Warrior

My teeth are still sharp I just don’t use them to rip you apart

My claws are retracted and my energy is redacted

External chaos I no longer care to entertain

I wield and alchemize that energy into my inner domain

Attracting what’s needed within

Like a moth to the flame drawing those in alignment times ten

Maximizing my profit of peace

Playing with every emOcean on lease

This life is what you make it is true

Wouldn’t be the same without intention and awareness yet only a few

Can truly innerstand the game I play

The mirror of the universe is what you make it day by day

So who do you want to be in this simulation

Don’t like what you see change the station

Channeling love and light yet embracing the darkness to fortify my sights

Shifting through day and night

Release the illusions and your eye can see

The only ON3 in reality is YOU, ME, & THE TRINITY

God knows the core essence of your soul

Fingertips that reach far beyond the cosmic whole

Let’s raise the blinds and play for keeps

Eternal stakes wagered

What you will you reap

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