The Peaceful Warrior

My teeth are still sharp I just don’t use them to rip you apart My claws are retracted and my energy is redacted External chaos I no longer care to entertain I wield and alchemize that energy into my inner domain Attracting what’s needed within Like a moth to the flame drawing those in alignment […]

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Your inner child awaits

It’s great to be ALIVE and THRIVE! Remember to allow your inner child to flourish, prosper, expand, rise, shine, develop, grow, and fly high into the ether. Remember to love the child in you through a creative channel that invokes exhilarating joy. When was the last time you glowed from the inside out? When was […]

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The Untamable Will

The bellows of the earth aid in the hearth. The shape of a mane no will of man can contain. Red embers burn bright magnifying the light. Released all ones sins fuels empowerment and love from within. Steady pace picks up steam the more freedom one is keen. To flow over all the land. A […]

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