FLOW STATE: let it go – let it flow

How do you flow with the tides? Do you get anxious when it sweeps you out into the vast deep waters and allow yourself to focus on the unknown that lies within the depths of ocean in our subconscious or do you float with the current? Tides that sweep us out allows us to come back to the shoreline at an angle with ease yet a direct swim back on the path that carried you out is a constant push against a force that is telling you to surrender and that we can’t go back the way we came. We have to trust in the journey and have faith in the alternate path back to shore.

If we allow it nature can teach us so much.

How do you play with your energy? Do you fight against the natural tides of change or do you flow out on faith into the unknown? Do you proceed with excitement or fear?

💫 We are being called to draw back to Source.
💫We are being called to feel to heal to release and start anew.
💫We are being called to surrender to the universe.
💫We are being called to focus on all the good that comes out of any shifts in the physical and spiritual realm.

Start asking yourself:
How good can it get?
What good can come from this?
What are the gifts here?
How can I serve the greater good of humanity?

Radical acceptance in what is allows you to call in what could be but the true power lies within the present that is presence with self & Spirit. You are never stuck. You can always change what you see. You have the power overt your life and your circumstances. It’s time to remember who you are without the confines of a conditioned society.

Ascend out of the chaos and into unconditional love. Understand that anything lost is gained in lessons and new perspectives – an opportunity to appreciate what was lost. Complexity transmuted back to simplicity.

🦋A new creative venture is on the horizon. See it as a positive change.
🕊Feel and allow a deeper sense of peace to fill you now.
🦄The magical and unique qualities of your untapped potential are unfolding now.

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