Cupio Dissolvi

Cupio dissolvi is a latin term meaning, “I wish to be dissolved.” Philippians 1:23-4 a desire to leave this earthly life and join Christ in eternal life. However, you can join Christ in Spirit on earth now. You don’t need to experience leaving this dimension to connect to Source that is already within each and every one of us. Christ consciousness is light and the other source of energy is dark. Both have a place that give purpose to balancing out the duality of life and all the tribulations that lie within it. You decide which you pull from every day by living in your truth or hiding behind masks. Realize that fear is a test of your resolve to live in the energy of love. Your dreams and desires are calling you to action. The journey back to self, Source, Spirit begins today. Let love guide you to your highest potential.

Message to the collective:

Loosen the grip on your attachments and problems and release them. This does not mean pretend your problems do not exist. It simply means by letting go you allow Spirit to heal your mind and heart. Imagine them dissipating into the luminosity of the universe and calling in that feeling of complete freedom with limitless possibilities. Why hold onto what you wish to be freed from?

You may hold on to pain hoping that a certain person would acknowledge the harm that was inflicted but they may lack the emotional capacity and spiritual development to grant that heartfelt apology. We can sometimes punish ourselves by holding on to pain and impossible unrealistic standards of inhuman perfection when you could forgive yourself and move on.

Spiritually we have the power to call back our sovereignty by taking accountability for our part and releasing the low vibrational victimization mode of what you couldn’t control. This forgiveness frees yourself and others which in doing so you will gain so much inner peace and freedom to move forward in your life.

Let go of what you think and engage with how you feel.

Divine love is not just emotional as it is transfiguring. We are never separate from those we love. They become a memory held in the water of our cells and radiate through every fiber of our being when called in and released with gratitude for the moments of light that remains.

You have a beautiful and uplifting outcome that is ready to be delivered by the universe once this space is cleared. Trust in Spirit, let go, and RECEIVE.

  • Place a hand on your heart and connect to the flow of your breath. Feeling your heartbeat and breathing in Love and out in Gratitude. Close your eyes and take 7 slow and controlled breaths in and out.
  • Imagine a white light peering through the center of your heart and it slowly grows and consumes your entire being until no lines can be depicted from the light as it radiates so bright.
  • The feelings of joy, peace, and love is experienced.
  • These feelings are absorbed into every cell of your body, mind, and heart.
  • Release your offering of whatever attachments, worries, or troubles you held as it passes gently into the light so it can be dissolved and transmuted into lessons and love.
  • Let everything go and become one with the Light.

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