It’s all DIVINE

Dry your eyes beautiful child. Can’t you see you’re mine.

In your eyes beautiful child we leave nothing behind.

Close your eyes my sweet child and feel the love that’s there.

It started in your heart before you felt any despair.

So no matter what you face you carry love within.

What you see in others is reflected in your skin.

You’re light and star dust sparkles across the milky way.

You’re everything the world needs on a dark and rainy day.

Open your eyes my beautiful child and see the miracle that you are.

You’re everything I made you to be and a wish on someones star.

You’re worthy of the love you seek and it’s just within your reach.

Go within and connect with me so we can continue to seek.

The trial you face today will be gone by tomorrow.

So dry your eyes my beautiful child and rejoice in every sorrow.

Deep into your soul resides the source DIVINE within.

Hold a mirror to your face and there lies the prodigal twin.

No matter how lost you may feel in this test know that I remain TRUE.

So wipe your tears beautiful one and know I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.


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