What is Love

Loving you is easy Being loved is art Life’s got so complicated Let’s press restart Letting go has become part of life Leads me to question this strife What is Love It’s the nights we held each other when we had nothing else to give It’s the sweet look that you gave me after I […]

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Featured Artist: Jasmine Thompson

At only 13 years old this little girl will take your breath away… I can’t wait to see what’s to come from this talented singer/songwriter, Jasmine Thompson, from London. On October 1st of 2014 she released her new song #SunGoesDown with Robin Schulz. you can get it on iTunes here: Follow this angel ❤ Website: Facebook: Tweet & Insta @tantrumjas

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Featured Artist: Chelou

chelou french expression, means weird, suspicious, strange  born from “verlan” french slang that switch parts of some words like “maison” becomes “son-mai”  “chelou” comes from “louche” -“laisse tomber trop chelou skeutru la vie dma mère”

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