FLOW STATE: let it go – let it flow🌊🏊‍♀️❤️ How do you flow with the tides? Do you get anxious when it sweeps you out into the vast deep waters and allow yourself to focus on the unknown that lies within the depths of ocean in our subconscious or do you float with the current? […]

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Featured Artist: Hiatus

When I imagine angels speaking or jamming out this is what I imagine it to sound like… @HiatusMusic It wasn’t easy to learn about this artist but after a little digging this is what I found.  A gem hidden in the burrows of south London. Another enlightened soul with much to share. Cyrus Shahrad aka Hiatus is […]

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The Salvation Bracelet

This is a salvation bracelet.  Blessed by the children’s prayers of New Hope Coban. The bracelet as a whole symbolized the world. Green – our journey here on earth Black – our heart before we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior Heart – Jesus Christ heart that he gave for us White – our […]

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