Featured Artist: Hiatus

When I imagine angels speaking or jamming out this is what I imagine it to sound like… @HiatusMusic

It wasn’t easy to learn about this artist but after a little digging this is what I found.  A gem hidden in the burrows of south London. Another enlightened soul with much to share.

Cyrus Shahrad aka Hiatus is a talented individual with gifts that go further than just scratching the surface of his accomplishments.  The reason you hear so much emotion in his music is I imagine mainly due to his time working as a journalist in Iran: lead single Save Yourself was  followed by Insurrection a meditation on the 1981 Brixton riots featuring dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson.

He has written extensively on Iran – having lived in Tehran and served both as a correspondent for the Sunday Times and home news editor of English-language daily Iran News – and was for many years an editor of Time Out guidebooks. His short fiction has been published in Ambit and Hotshoe, and his novel The White World won the Telegraph’s Novel In A Year competition in 2006.

Another uplifting song with a powerful message.  Cyrus persuaded his father to come in the studio and recite Persian poetry from memory.  It will give you chills the meaning behind the words and the compilation of his fathers voice paired with his angelic sound.  


Show him some Love and check out his many talents for yourself:




Twitter: @cyrusshahrad @HiatusMusic

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