Featured Artist: Dub Fx

I LOVE so much about this artist I don’t even know where to start.

Dub Fx, Benjamin Stanford, is killing the “LIVE LOOPING” game.  What is this you ask? Looping essentially means to dub hence “Dub” Fx. It’s when a musician sits in front of you with a hand full of instruments and they create a sound live then loop it and string along more sound through different methods creating and painting a masterpiece of music before your very eyes.  It’s magic to me.

Dub Fx is in a league of his own and has boosted his rating in my book because a lot of the bass and what sounds like drums in his music comes from his voice by beatboxing.  It’s amazing.  He only uses two instruments consisting of a loop station and a guitar but the majority of his sound is organic vocals.  Other sounds you can expect from him are: Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, and Dubstep.

Icing on top of the cake?


Aussie, musician, peace ambassador… you can’t ask for a better show to see than this.

Hurry up and catch him live on a Friday~

Beyond The Stars Palace, October 24th in Gendale, CA.


Tweet @dub_fx

Insta @dubfx11

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dubfx

Website: http://dubfx.com

Music: https://soundcloud.com/dub_fx

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