Love is Music

Music is the universal language that brings us all together.

You can be anywhere in the world or just hear a song with a language that varies from yours but if you enjoy the music it doesn’t matter what they’re saying.

Over the summer I joined a mission team to a village in the mountains of Guatemala called Chisec.  The village people only spoke Q’eqchi’.  It didn’t take long for the the team to spread out and start playing with the children with different games like soccer and crafts.  I lingered back a bit because I noticed a beautiful little girl that wouldn’t play with anyone.  She shied away from the team members and sat hugging a wooden pole that was holding up the roof of their home.

I made it a goal to get her to open up and smile before we left so I tactfully sat a couple feet away pretending to watch the soccer game.  My soccer skills aren’t the best anyways.  I noticed her look in my direction but I didn’t acknowledge it for fear of scaring her away.

A song came to me, Jesus Loves Me, in Spanish that I had just learned from the children’s home in Coban.  I started singing the song hoping it would get her attention and it worked!  She inched closer to me with each note until she was right beside me.  She reached up to play with my hair and I just turned and smiled.

This was such a profound moment for me.  It made me realize how important music is.  In that moment I understood how we can get the whole world to open up and come closer to the truth…

Love is Music and Music is Love and together both will tear down any walls ever build that separate mankind.

That is the answer to world peace. We are all in this together.

Cheers to the musicians that bring us all together as a unified body of one.


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