Featured Artist: Defunk

Crazy smooth transitions for such a funky dirty sound.  I love it.

Defunk mixes old school sound with new school glitch hop leaving you sitting there like a puppy with that cute head tilt wondering what’s next.  Based in Calgary, Canada Defunk is on Defire and I don’t foresee him skipping a beat any time soon.

I love the unpredictable sounds and cool vibes created in each track. A league of their own as they say…

Catch them live October 30th in Denver, CO with two other great acts you don’t want to miss.  This will be a sick trifecta featuring: DubFx & Opiuo – What DaFunk?!?! (Oh no you didn’t) Oh yes I did.  

You are so very welcome for the heads up! ❤


Free Downloads Available here:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/defunk-music 

Website: http://defunkmusic.net/the-funk-trunk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DefunkOfficialMusic 

Twitter: @Defunk_Official

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