The Golden Retriever

The picture of loyalty

The strut of grace

The saddest eyes

But beautiful face

The blood of a winner

The coat shiny and neat

The toss of a ball

You bring back to my feet

Reliable and kind

Your old soul knows best

When your master calls

You wield no rest

The years have been hard

This winter quite cold

But for some reason

You never fold

The once shiny strong mane

Now scattered with grey

Your love endures forever

It doesn’t stray

Now a limp in your run

A sharp pain down your spine

You still don’t give up

Although you do pine

The last years are easy

You’ve gone through enough

With shelter and comfort

Your spirit is tough

The best thing a dog can teach you in this life rings true.

Nothing more Important than to love and be loved in this life and through the next too.

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