The Beauty of Battle

Strength is something we don’t realize we have until we are put in a situation where we have to find it or perish.  Daily challenges make us stronger and because of these challenges we grow, we evolve.  When we go through a difficult trial we are forced to cope.  We fight through the layers of […]

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Love my 3-in-1 Handmade Maternity Kaftan

So in love with my new maternity kaftan that I had to share… This 3-in-1 floral dress can be used as a hospital gown, feeding gown, or beach cover-up and the pockets are a plus! I originally purchased it because I wanted a unique hospital gown for the delivery of my first baby. The back […]

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5 Products You Can’t Live Without During Pregnancy

Here are 5 products I personally have used every single day throughout my pregnancy that have helped me significantly… (TO PURCHASE MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS SIMPLY CLICK THE PICTURES DISPLAYED BELOW) The Magical Heating Pad $16.86 As your baby grows the weight pulls on your back causing mild to severe back pain.  Towards the end of […]

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