Featured Artist: FAUL

Sneaky beats that make you figuratively do backflips in your mind… coming in hot from under the Eiffel Tower. FAUL, a new up-and-coming Dj/Producer, will captivate your spirit with his jazzy deep house compilations. Catch him if you can by checking out his world tour dates!  (Sorry America – still pending on the list) […]

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Featured Artist: Nicolas Haelg

A Swiss music producer that brings his own spice to deep house. Melodic piano melodies with a nice transformative back beat that’s warms your soul. As a piano player and composer he mixes the perfect sounds including a bit of old school tracks enhanced with a new flare. This artist’s numbers are sneaking up on Soundcloud. […]

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Featured Artist: TroyBoi

Can’t make em’ any fresher than this… If you don’t want to get up out of your cubicle right now and start dancing I suggest you hold off and mute this artist until the weekend. This HOT new Dj/Producer, music manipulator, drop addict and drum molester (in love) is coming in hot off the press […]

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