I’m always up for the next big adventure and my next one includes a baby aka “it” – for now. My husband and I decided to wait until “it’s” born to find out the sex because I’m sure you’ll agree that there are very little surprises in life and what an amazing one this will […]

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Featured Artist: Baowolf

Creeping up on the music scene is this newbie with fresh beats Baowolf! His sounds are chill synths with an electronic flare.  This underground artist is pretty hard to track due to the rookie status but I see a bright future ahead for this producer.  All I know is that his name is Will.  He […]

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Featured Artist: Chelou

chelou french expression, means weird, suspicious, strange  born from “verlan” french slang that switch parts of some words like “maison” becomes “son-mai”  “chelou” comes from “louche” -“laisse tomber trop chelou skeutru la vie dma mère”

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