3 steps to a happier YOU

In order to welcome LOVE into your life you have to be where you want to be. You need to find security and happiness within before you can find happiness with another person.

I found, personally, that once I started focusing on myself and my goals everything fell into place effortlessly. I changed my motivation in life from money to passion and this kick started a positive transformation that overflowed into all areas of my life.

If you want to know the secret it’s simple. Start with your thoughts. The mind is a powerful tool. Changing your thoughts will change your world. If you are unhappy with where you are follow these steps to get back on track.

1) Make your motivation PASSION not money

Putting money first leads you into salvery. Most likely you will end up working for someone else’s vision and passion… not yours. You will not be living your full potential and you will not be fulfilled.

Figure out what you’re passionate about then turn it into work then figure out how to help others and wahlaa that’s the secret sauce to finding happiness. You will be living a life of purpose and passion. It’s way more gratifying than a large paycheck.

2) Change your thoughts

Happiness starts with your thoughts. Sounds simple but this is the hardest part. Once achieved it is the foundation to leading a healthier and happier life.

Start becoming aware of your inner thoughts and write them down. Like what you see… I doubt you will. Your mind has been conditioned by the environment your were raised in and what you have allowed into your life since you reached adulthood. Being happy is work. You have to create a new pattern of routine. Writing down each day one thing you are grateful for. Going to bed with a happy thought. Focusing only on what you can control starting with your attitude towards people and life. To build a new habit takes approximately 22 days. Get to work.

3) Love

Love others for who they are. You can’t change anyone around you. You can lead by example though. Be careful who you surround yourself with because that is what you will become. You also have to learn to love yourself first. I hear people voice their weaknesses and downfalls and its horrible. Don’t put yourself down. Focus on what you like about yourself. If you can’t think of anything you like start building a new you with traits and characteristics that you admire in others.

This is a daily discipline that you have to implement everyday. The beginning is the hardest part… just like riding a bike. It get’s easier.

The human potential movement is here. Welcome aboard.

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