Featured Artist: Kygo

Kygo is making Tropical House a must on your playlist this year!

This 23-year-old Norwegian musician and producer is bringing the sunshine to your doorstep.  Who needs a vacation when you can just turn to Kygo, close your eyes, and awake in a warm paradise on an island of your choice?

The momentum of this guy is ridiculous. He has an obscene 14Million (+) hits on Soundcloud with this treasure:

Coldplay has joined the hype and having Kygo remix one of their songs, “Midnight“.  He also got to replace Avicci at Tomorrow World on main stage last week because of some health concerns.

Do I really need to say more?  Do yourself a favor and beg someone for a ticket to one of his shows because they are pretty much ALL sold out.


We (Americans) love you European DJs/Producers.  Keep producing dope new genres and we will keep taking notes.

Show Kygo Some Love

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kygoofficial

Twitter & Instagram: @KygoMusic

❤ #DjOneChain

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