I like my music like my food – Organic

Organic is a lifestyle.  A choice.  A decision. You want the best of the best.  Quality.

I started eating healthy about 3 years ago and progressively became more serious about it in the past year.  I started eating cleaner with less chemicals, gmos, and preservatives.  I noticed a huge difference in my overall health, appearance, and liveliness.  This translates well in music too.

I love food that is served fresh from the garden. Fresh from underground, just like my music.  Untouched by chemicals/mainstream… fresh from underground/unsoiled/unspoiled… not marred by outward influences.

I love artists, musicians, and producers that are undiscovered like a diamond in the rough.  It’s beauty remains preserved.  Passionately pouring out their soul and emotion into melodies that will be infinite.

Music is a gift to the world and we must charish, protect, support, and love our musicians worldwide and preserve their gifts for the greater good.

Help support these organic artists that I present to you daily.  Show them love and support.

(Let’s not forget food – Support local farmers & fresh markets)  

Let’s inspire the world through organic music.

Music that is thought provoking

Music that inspires

Music that is positive

Music that screams love

Music that will change the world

❤ #DjOneChain

Donations appreciated: 


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