Cold but unafraid

Him: I’m scared

Her: Why?

Him: I’m afraid once I cross over I won’t see you again or anyone else I love. The unknown, the darkness, the thought of it all scares me.

Her: You will cross over into the most beautiful and peaceful part of our existence. The ones you love who have crossed over will greet you. You will never be separated from your loved ones in this realm and if they call you through memory or strife your spirit draws near. You see, my love, separation in this reality is the greatest illusion.

Him: (His eyes grew heavy, a single tear slowly streams down his cheek, a faint smile) thank you for all of the love you gave and the memories we shared…

His hand slips off the tips of her fingers as he drifts away from the physical reality.

Cold but unafraid.

His eyes still open but empty.

Softly she takes her hand and closes the curtains of his soul yet could still feel his presence within.

Star dust once again and a rebirth of a new timeline.

The flow of life takes but gives in return.

She leans in and holds her forehead to his and communicates to his spirit her last goodbyes to the empty physical form.

She pulls back and walks out of the room and never looks back.

A heavy yet full heart beats fast as she fights tears of gratitude.

Her: I’ll see you on the other side of eternity.

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