There are many people who believe that life works through signs.

If things go well, if they flow, you should go ahead with them.

If they do not flow, you should abandon them.

And there are many people who pay no attention to these signs.

But once they realize coincidences do not exist, they attempt to “read into” life.

By way of signs, of course.

But that reading is still very rudimentary. “If everything works out, move forward. If there are obstacles, go back.”

And they apply this formula to everything. And since they are open to life’s signs, they think the ego is under control. This could not be further from the truth.

If life is easily “legible,” why hold the Higher Self and the Essence in such high esteem?

Because only they can answer your most profound questions.

Whatever goes unanswered by your Higher Self and your Essence is answered by the ego, and therefore it will not be resolved.

So think along these lines:

There is something I must do, and that something requires a lot of commitment on my part. So life is going to come up with various obstacles in order to test how committed I am.

Imagine that during this time you give up because you feel that the obstacles are a sign for you to step back.

Do you see why it isn’t so cut and dry?

And now you ask:

How can I tell when the obstacles are a trap to test my commitment and when they are a sign that things will not work out?

How do I know?

Your Higher Self . That is the answer. Only your Higher Self can tell you what to do. Only your Higher Self can point out the parameters of that initiative.

If you are still unable to connect with your Higher Self, use your intuition.

Never use your mental dimension. Never use your ego.

So now that I have explained the basics of coincidences and signs, let me kiss your forehead so that you may feel at peace.


The Book of Light

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