Wings of Spirit

I spotted an angel off the coast of Belize on a boat heading back towards Guatemala…

I was in Belize enjoying the annual Lobster Fest with friends. After the weekend came to a close we packed up and headed back to Guatemala by boat. The seas were really rough and a few times I got scared. I closed my eyes and prayed to God that he would see a safe return for us. I looked out over the ocean and spotted a black dot flying over the waves heading in the same direction as our boat against the wind. I strained my eyes trying to figure out what this black dot was. Was it a bird? No, it was too small to be a bird… I looked once more as it came a little closer and I could not believe my eyes. It was a black butterfly.

How majestic. How brave. How beautiful and symbolic of the beauty and strength of mother nature and life on this planet. What are the chances you ever get to witness this picture of strength from something so fragile. One butterfly in the middle of the ocean. Tears filled my eyes because I knew deep down that butterfly was a sign from God. A guardian angel, a vision of hope. That butterfly meant so much to me signifying strength, courage, beauty, and perseverance.

I followed the butterfly with my eyes until it disappeared in to the sun. Whether it flew off on a different course or literally dissapeared will always be a mystery. I will never forget this memory though. It is saved in my treasure box forever.

Strive to be like this butterfly/angel. Spread hope and inspiration everywhere you go. Do not be afraid to go on your journey alone because God is with you. Enlighten and uplift others you meet along the way.

Follow your dreams and choose to see and focus on all the miracles and beauty of life.

Love the life you lead and be the change you wish to see.

Here´s to the ¨Women¨ who travel SOLO


It takes a strong woman. One who knows fear is just an illusion. Reasons to go against your dreams are just excuses. She will risk everything to never lose that excitement and passion for life, to live… really LIVE!

I sold all of my stuff to go volunteer at a children´s home in Guatemala. On my journey to get my passport stamped in Belize I met a young beautiful girl from Arkansas on a boat ride. She was in Belize studying abroad for 3 weeks at an organic farm. She said 3 weeks wasn´t long enough for her so she decided to lengthen her trip and backpack across Guatemala with no set plans. Started in Tikal, then to Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and back. She said everyone told her not to do it. They said it would be dangerous and she shouldn´t go alone. I told her they told me the same thing. Truth is people are nice. The world is beautiful. There is so much to see and traveling alone could be the best experience of your life! I applaud the ladies that are fearless and are full of adventure and spirit. Those are the women I resonate with. The free spirits. The souls that can’t be confined. The women who are open minded. Respect other cultures and want to learn about the world.

Speaking to the young girl she explained how she hadn´t realized how big the world is. Now that she had a taste of freedom and saw how easy it was to travel she had plans to continue after graduation. She said she would go teach English in Spain. (She met a hot Spanish guy that she wanted to reconnect with ;)) Then maybe join a crew on a sailboat and sail across the Atlantic. She was implementing her dreams into goals and aspirations.

Ladies… and gentlemen. YOU CAN DO IT!

What are you waiting for? GO explore the unknown. Volunteer abroad and experience a new culture while receiving fulfillment in helping others along the way. <—–is amazing and free accommodations and ratings. Just do it.

I´ve never felt more alive. I´ve never been so grateful for life. God was very happy when he created this world we live in. GO explore it. Tomorrow is never promised and yesterday is gone. LIVE FOR TODAY. LIVE A LIFE OF PASSION AND PURPOSE.

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