Music connects us all

Visiting a village in the mountains of Coban, Guatemala I sat just 2 meters from a little girl who was very shy.  I noticed her because she didn’t want to participate in the games the group created for the children. She was the only one who stayed behind.  I made it my mission to connect […]

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There is no Love in Fear

When something no longer serves you or gives you life release it back to the universe and relearn to love yourself and the divine.  Don’t fear the unknown or focus on it as a loss. Instead learn to grow, evolve, and learn through the lesson. Everything living has energy but only humans have a consciousness […]

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Here´s to the ¨Women¨ who travel SOLO

YOU. GO. GIRL. It takes a strong woman. One who knows fear is just an illusion. Reasons to go against your dreams are just excuses. She will risk everything to never lose that excitement and passion for life, to live… really LIVE! I sold all of my stuff to go volunteer at a children´s home […]

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