Get happier by doing this 15 min exercise…

You can boost your happiness for yourself and others by doing this simple 15 minute exercise… 1) Close your eyes and picture yourself. You imagine something good happening to you like falling in love, writing something you’re proud of. You feel the joy that would come from that. Let it flow through you. 2) Then […]

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There is no Love in Fear

When something no longer serves you or gives you life release it back to the universe and relearn to love yourself and the divine.  Don’t fear the unknown or focus on it as a loss. Instead learn to grow, evolve, and learn through the lesson. Everything living has energy but only humans have a consciousness […]

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The Salvation Bracelet

This is a salvation bracelet.  Blessed by the children’s prayers of New Hope Coban. The bracelet as a whole symbolized the world. Green – our journey here on earth Black – our heart before we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior Heart – Jesus Christ heart that he gave for us White – our […]

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